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Shortlisted for “Most Innovative Law Firm in Asia Pacific”: FT Innovative Lawyers Asia-Pacific Awards 2023

由英国《金融时报》与调研合作伙伴RSGi Ltd.联合主办、旨在表彰在亚太地区开展创新业务的律师事务所、律师和企业法务部门的“亚太创新律师奖”中,本律所入围下列各奖项的候选名单。各类别的获奖名单将于2023年5月4日(周四)在新加坡举行的颁奖典礼上公布。

Most Innovative Law Firm in Asia-Pacific
Nishimura & Asahi

Innovative Individual Practitioners

Innovation in Responsible Business
Innovating law firm culture to advance social sustainability

Most Innovative Lawyers in Sustainability
112MW Ishikari Offshore Wind Project, a large-scale combined offshore wind and power storage project off Ishikari Bay in Hokkaido, Japan
佐藤知纮, 赤鹿大树

Most Innovative Lawyers in Transforming Industries
Agri-Food Practice Group: Pioneering legal strategies to support sustainability and innovation in food and agriculture
杉山泰成, 广泽太郎

专业人员 People