Japanese-English Model Work Rules - Third Edition


Michihiro Mori (Co-editor)Hiroaki Matsui (Editor)Yoshinobu Nakagawa (Author)Aya Kijima (Editor)Takeo Tsukamoto (Editor)Satoshi Omura (Author)Itaru Matsumoto (Author)Mika Masuda (Author)Sakurako Tojo (Author)Yukihiro Sugiura (Author)Kyoko Eguchi (Author)Fumiya Obinata (Author)
CHUOKEIZAI-SHA, Inc., Tokyo, Japan
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Michihiro Mori and the Nishimura & Asahi Labor Law Practice Group, which includes Hiroaki Matsui, Aya Kijima, Takeo Tsukamoto, et al., edited and co-authored Japanese-English Model Work Rules - Third Edition

Recently there have been significant changes in japan's labor laws relating to "Work Style Reform". We reflect such changes in the third edition, as well as amendments to the Worker Dispatch Act and to the Act on Childcare Leave, Caregiver Leave, and Other Measures for the Welfare of Workers Caring for Children or Other Family Members.

The composition of the third edition is basically the same as that of the second edition, but we have added a basic explanation on the Worker Dispatch Act.  Moreover, we did not only reflect the revision of the law, we also made revisions to respond to new guidelines regarding labor related matters, and the current work environment in Japan.

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