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Our Philosophy

Aiming to strengthen awareness of our leadership in the legal field and expanding our legal infrastructure.

At Nishimura & Asahi, our fundamental mission is to contribute to the realization of an affluent and fair society based on “the rule of law.” In addition to improving the quality of our legal services through the cases we handle, we strive to contribute to society as a leader in the development of the practice of law, and these efforts include establishing the Nishimura Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and holding lectures at academic institutions.

  • Contributing to the realization of an affluent and fair society based on “the rule of law.”
  • Providing premium quality legal services.
  • Becoming a leader in the development of the practice of law.


Comprehensive solutions through exceptional knowledge and expertise

The best team of experts in each field provide strategic and comprehensive solutions appropriate
for the particular business needs of each client.

Unrivaled expertise

Individuals possess a high degree of expertise and provide unrivaled advice in each field to which they belong.

The number of lawyers: 750+
  • 000232
    Partner / LPC Partner
  • 08
    Of Counsel
  • 0074
    Counsel / LPC Counsel
  • 000478
    Associate / LPC Associate
  • 0022
    Tax Counsel, Patent Attorney, Advisor

Creation of Best Teams

Match client expectations by putting together the best teams;
based on the particular facts of each case,personnel with the most relevant skills and experience are assembled
to create an ideal team.

World Local Knowledge

Utilize our global office network to deliver borderless and practical legal advice based upon authentic understanding of the regulations, cultures, and practices in each location in a seamless way.

The number of offices: 18+
The number of offices: 18+


Commit to enhancing our clients’ value in a way that contributes to a better society

Demonstrate thorough understanding of the business climates affecting clients,
and commit to enhancing our clients’ value in a way that contributes to a better society.

  • Understanding Clients’ Business
    Respect clients’ value through in-depth understanding of clients’ business and surrounding environment.
  • Tailored Advice
    Recognize the particular needs of each client and provide tailored advice.
  • Our Contribution to Society
    By enhancing clients’ value we contribute to a stable and resilient society.


Demonstrate pioneering spirit underpinned by professionalism and intelligence

Seek opportunities to engage with changing the world in a creative
and professional manner using technology to overcome the latest challenges,
thereby contributing to the development of an affluent and fair society.

Pioneering Spirit and Intelligence

Take part in social and economic trends in the changing world
with the determination to develop innovative legal solutions through exceptional intelligence.

Technology-based Solutions

Use advanced technology without hesitation to provide creative solutions to clients’ legal challenges.

Reliable & Dependable

Be resilient and dependable even in the most challenging circumstances.

Diverse & Inclusive

Respect diversity and inclusion,recognizing
they will enhance both the flexibility and strength of our organization.

Rule of Law

We strive for an affluent and fair society and
always uphold the rule of law as our highest aim.

Extensive Achievements

Finding solutions for our clients’ problems makes us grow stronger.

As a firm office that provides a full range of legal services, we have extensive experience in a wide range of fields.
Our creative solutions extend the boundaries of business, and this experience and knowledge serve as the basis for developing solutions to future legal issues.

Recent Deals & Cases Involved

Best Quality, Best Reputation

Numerous honors attest to the high quality of our work.

Our commitment to providing the highest quality of work for every case that we handle is uncompromising.
The deep trust from our clients, gained through providing exceptional legal services, has led to our being highly respected among the international legal community.