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We post newsletters written by people belonging to Nishimura & Asahi as well as information on seminars, papers, books, and the like.
We provide analysis of trends in laws, regulations and legal revisions that are diversifying in not only in Japan but also other countries as well as our knowledge based on practical experience.

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  • Asahi Nishimura's Legal Outlook
    Legal Outlook by Nishimura & Asahi
    Nishimura & Asahi is publishing a series of articles in the Journal of Law and Economics (Asahi Judiciary) on the Asahi Shimbun website. Our lawyers are making comments on the latest issues regarding their specializations (Japanese only).
  • Doing Business In Series
    Doing Business In Series
    Whether you are expanding your operations, exploring new markets, or seeking new opportunities, you need to understand the legal landscape of the countries where you do business. That's why we have created the "Doing Business In" series, a collection of practical and concise guides to the laws and regulations of various international jurisdictions, co-authored by us and our trusted local partners.