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I. Sustainability and Overseas Expansion of Japanese Companies - Three Aspects of an Essential Mindset -  (Junko Watanabe)
II. Sustainability and Overseas Expansion of Japanese Companies - Overview of Business and Human Rights - (Junko Watanabe)

The first article, as the preface of a series of newsletters concerning “Sustainability and Overseas Expansion of Japanese Companies”, illustrates what Japanese investors doing business in less developed countries and emerging countries should note in the era of sustainability. It suggests three mindsets Japanese corporations should adopt in the rapidly changing environment surrounding the elements of SDGs and ESG. The second article outlines, as a part of sustainable business, the internationally emerging area of “Business & Human Rights” that every Japanese company should start integrating into their business strategy immediately, referring to current international trends as well as the recently announced Japanese National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights.

*This article is also available in Japanese.

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