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A number of government agencies in Thailand have the power to enter premises to search for and seize material as an initial step of investigations. An unannounced inspection of a company by a regulatory or law enforcement agency (known as a “dawn raid”) may be initiated by a complaint or information learned from a whistleblower. Although such raids are not typically conducted at dawn, they often (but not always) occur at the start of the business day. The goal is to catch the target company by surprise so it has no time to conceal or dispose of key evidence deemed relevant to investigations. If a company responds to a dawn raid in the wrong manner, it can lead to...To read the full article, please see the PDF file


Practical Tips for Dawn Raid in Thailand (Jun Katsube, Vira Kammee, Vullope Techakasin, Pasayu Israsena Nah Ayudhaya, Jak Chokesikarin)

This article is also available in Japanese.

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