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Hydrogen update and outlook in Japan 2022

Natural Resources & Energy Newsletter
Hudson Hamilton
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With support from the Japanese government, efforts are well underway to establish a hydrogen economy in Japan. There has been consistent development of the infrastructure necessary to support a hydrogen economy, as shown by the following: In March 2020, construction of the world's largest-class renewable energy-powered hydrogen production plant, the 10 megawatt-class Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field was completed. On 20 January 2022, the Suiso Frontier, the world's first liquefied hydrogen carrier, arrived at Victoria, Australia as part of a demonstration of the transport of liquefied hydrogen from Australia to a modified port terminal in Kobe, Japan. Japan boasts the greatest number of hydrogen fuel stations for road vehicles of any country, with approximately 160 as of…To read the full article, please see the PDF file

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