Agri-Food Tech

Our services cover a wide range of Agri-tech and Food-tech fields, which are comprised of new technologies aimed at solving problems in the agriculture, forestry, fishery, and food industry sectors.  Agri (Aqua)-Tech is an area that requires experience and knowledge specific to the agriculture, forestry, and fishery sectors, such as with managing various devices and observation data, intellectual property strategies, and regulatory compliance. 

The Food-tech field also requires creative and coordinated responses to the relevant authorities, including both with respect to rule-making in a field where the rules are not clearly defined yet, and coordinating with the existing rules.  In the fields of Agri-tech and Food-tech, we are not only engaged in research activities, but also have accumulated know-how through our experiences in handling specific cases, and are engaged in providing professional and practical support based on the unique characteristics of these developing industrial fields.

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