Many of our attorneys have served, upon appointment by Japanese courts, as bankruptcy trustees for companies, including Yamaichi Securities, SOGO (a major Japanese retailer) and eight of SOGO’s group companies.  Further to this external recognition and support of our expertise, we provide a number of services including the provision of advice on debt collection, the filing of bankruptcy petitions for debtors, and negotiating and litigating on behalf of creditors with bankruptcy trustees.

With this wealth of knowledge and extensive experience behind us, we provide a full range of legal services for bankruptcy-related issues.  This includes actions to be taken when a customer or client is on the verge of filing for bankruptcy, effects of filing for bankruptcy to liquidate a subsidiary, effects of an involved party filing for bankruptcy after conducting transactions with the party, steps to be taken and advice on negotiation when a bankruptcy trustee exercises the trustee’s right of avoidance, and whether or not a transfer of business within bankruptcy proceedings is possible.

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