Corporate Crisis Management

Nishimura & Asahi provides advice on handling corporate crises, such as serious disputes and scandals, including cases in which corporations detect, or are investigated by the government authorities for securities and financial fraud, foreign corrupt practices, white-collar crime, and any other misconduct for which corporations of their managements can be held liable and suffer serious harm to reputation and other collateral damage.  We offer advice on: (1) responses to investigations by authorities, (2) dealing with stock exchanges, including timely disclosures, (3) responses to government and municipal offices, such as supervisory authorities, and (4) responses to mass media.  We also advise on countermeasures for international cases, cooperating with overseas law firms, and other matters.  We investigate the causes of disputes and scandals, as well as formulate preventative measures.  Lawyers who have experience working at the relevant authorities handle these cases, as necessary, thus ensuring that a practical level of service is provided.  Moreover, we provide advice on structural improvements relating to compliance, risk management, and internal controls from the perspective of crisis prevention.

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