Defense against Hostile Takeover/Shareholder Activism

We have considerable experience advising on defenses against hostile takeovers and shareholder activism, including proxy fights.

In facing a hostile takeover situation, various battles or contests for corporate control unfold and the target shareholders and stakeholders related to the target company often have complicated and divergent interests.  We are required to provide prompt and pertinent advice to our clients, based on our expert knowledge and understanding across various legal fields related to such hostile takeovers.

When corresponding with activist shareholders, we have to understand the target company’s business and strategy as well as the characteristics and possible actions of each activist shareholder.  Against the claims or requests raised by activist shareholders, such as demands for a premium on redemption and business restructuring, we provide effective strategic advice that takes into consideration the interests of investors and other stakeholders related to the target company.

On the basis of our extensive experience with these types of deals, we offer practical and comprehensive advice tailored to each individual client and case, including related litigation, to reach the best results for our clients.

In addition to our ability to react quickly and effectively in emergency or time-critical situations such as those outlined above, on an everyday level we provide strategic advice on precautionary measures including the establishment and revision of defensive measures or defense plans against hostile takeovers or acquisitions and correspondence with shareholders and various stakeholders.

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