Digital Operations

The Japanese government has introduced a series of new laws to achieve digital transformation in a wide range of industries, whereby digital technologies will assist social innovation and enhance corporate value. Concurrently, companies, regardless of their industry or business scale, are working on achieving digital transformation in order to make their operations and management, among other things, more efficient.

Digital Operations is a subcategory of digital transformation and means the use of new digital technology to renovate social and economic structures. The related practice areas, which will further expand rapidly, include:

  • Autonomous Vehicles;
  • Digital Strategy;
  • Smart & Intelligent Cities;
  • IoT (Internet of Things).

Achieving digital transformation requires a profound understanding of the complex legislative, regulatory and commercial standards and guidelines across a wide range of industries. Nishimura and Asahi has top-notch track records in all practice areas. With our experience, know-how and resources, Nishimura and Asahi provides creative solutions and one-stop seamless advice across industries to help our clients drive the speed of digital transformation.

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