The content industry is recognized as the most promising entertainment-related industry in Japan, with high expectations of continued growth.  In addition, as symbolized by the Japanese government’s “Cool Japan and Creative Industries Policy,” exporting Japanese content is being promoted and encouraged as an important political initiative.  However, because a legal framework that can serve as the bedrock of a thriving content industry has yet to be developed, either in Japan or in those countries and regions to which Japanese content is exported, and various interests in content are complexly intertwined, further development of the legal framework and the law concerning content is a major issue to be overcome.  Being well-acquainted with the current situation and practices in the entertainment industry, our IT and IP practice group lawyers address the various legal issues that arise from the latest technological innovations, and provide on-point advice for complicated transactional arrangements specific to entertainment matters, taking into consideration trends in the development of legislation.  Some examples of the legal services Nishimura & Asahi provides in this regard are domestic and cross-border transactions and contentious matters concerning the production and distribution of theatrical films, television programs, music, images, advertisements, merchandise, “manga,” and other book publishing businesses, and sporting events.

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