N&A has experienced lawyers who specialize in IT-driven financial services such as e-money, Internet banking and online brokerage.  Since around 2015, when the term “FinTech,” which is a coined word that combines “Finance” and “Technology,” started to be widely used in Japan, efforts to provide new services that use the latest information and communications technology in the field of finance, have been promoted at a faster pace.  FinTech business includes various types of financial transactions including online settlement/remittance platforms, crowdfunding, social lending, robo-advisers, PFM (personal financial management), virtual currency/blockchain-technology, and telematics insurance.  The regulations applicable to FinTech business vary depending on the type of business, and the legislation includes the Banking Act, Payment Services Act, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Insurance Business Act, and Money Lending Business Act.  In addition, laws relating to information and intellectual property, and consumer/user protection laws such as the Consumer Contract Act, also have an impact on FinTech business.  Furthermore, legal issues relating to investment in venture companies, which are the main players in FinTech business, are also an important consideration.  

We provide clients with specialist advice on all aspects of FiTech business including the development of business models, providing internal rules and contracts, negotiation with authorities including obtaining licenses, approvals or registrations, and advice on investment relating to every type of FinTech business.

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