Government Procurement

The WTO Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) places obligations on the government and public organizations, which are entrusted governmental authority, to adopt open and public tender for certain categories of their procurement.  GPA also provides for non-discrimination obligations and various disciplines on tender processes and prohibits the adoption of trade restrictive specifications.  The parties to GPA also have an obligation to introduce and maintain domestic procedures of review and correct tender processes and results based on domestically implemented GPA rules.

Nishimura & Asahi regularly provides strategic advice to governmental institutions and private companies with regard to GPA rules and penalties and has abundant experience in acting on behalf of a procuring entity and interested party before the cabinet office’s review and remand procedure.

Recently, the member countries of GPA have expanded and the government procurement rule, similar to GPA’s rule, has been introduced in many regional trade agreements.   We are able to provide effective support in this arena due to the knowledge we have gained through the numerous times we have supported Japanese companies entering the foreign government procurement markets, such as public infrastructures and IT systems.

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