Internal Investigations & Outside Investigations

When companies discover that improper activities are occurring within their company, it is necessary to conduct an internal investigation to investigate the facts, probe the cause, and establish measures to prevent a recurrence.

However, an internal investigation conducted by the company is not always effective in discovering the facts as executives and officers who may have participated in the improper activity have a conflict of interest and can potentially coordinate their stories or fabricate important evidence.

Moreover, when improper activities are systemic or when stakeholders such as shareholders, investors, consumers, local communities, and employees have an interest in the company’s improper activities, they may not trust the results of an internal investigation; therefore, in such cases it is necessary to entrust the investigation to an external investigative committee such as an independent committee.

As a pioneer in crisis management, we have considerable experience and expertise, with many of our attorneys having served as judges, prosecutors or officers of administrative authorities and other institutions.  Our attorneys provide the optimal solutions for our clients, and can conduct an internal investigation or advise on the structure of an independent investigative committee.

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