International Arbitration

The internationalization of the Japanese economy, especially overseas expansion by Japanese companies and expansion into Japan by foreign companies, has inevitably led to an increase in the number of disputes involving Japanese companies that must be addressed through international arbitration.  In addition, investment treaty arbitration based on ISDS (Investor-State Dispute Settlement) clauses of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement) is also attracting attention.  Our firm’s International Arbitration practice is spearheaded by a lawyer who has an excellent track record on par with foreign lawyers devoted to international arbitration practice (not only has he represented many clients in international arbitration, but he is also frequently appointed as an arbitrator in international arbitration cases), and N&A has been involved in a variety of arbitrations such as that related to M&A, joint ventures, and termination of contractual relationships such as distribution agreements and construction arbitration.  We consider ourselves a leading law firm with the greatest pool of experience in international arbitration in Japan.  With respect to investment treaty arbitration, one of our lawyers was seconded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and involved in negotiations with foreign countries regarding the TPP.  Our firm continues to disseminate and collect information through international conferences and we keep abreast of the latest discussions regarding investment treaty arbitration.

Also, our firm’s International Arbitration practice has been included in GAR 100, the guide to the top specialist arbitration firms worldwide, published by Global Arbitration Review (GAR). Our firm has been Japan’s first-ever and only GAR entrant for the third year running.

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