Joint Ventures

We provide comprehensive legal advice in connection with both domestic and international Joint Venture (JV) arrangements in a variety of industrial fields.  We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of business and expert knowledge in advising on JV arrangements across many diverse fields of law, including permissions and regulations and licensing intellectual property, necessary for forming or managing a JV.  When advising our clients we (i) analyze the best suited structure for the client, (ii) offer proposals that meet the client’s intentions and best interests over a broad range of issues relating to JVs, including the management and governance of a JV, and (iii) provide strategic advice with a view to possible termination of the JV.  Using our in-depth knowledge from our vast experience in this field, we provide, practical and inclusive advice on all stages of a JV from establishment and management to termination, including drafting and negotiating the JV agreement and shareholder agreement and any other necessary documents, as well as advising on the settlement of any disputes that may arise with a JV partner.

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