Other Asian Countries

Many large Japanese companies have started to expand their operations into various Asian countries.  In addition, companies have been terminating or reducing business activities and projects in one country or jurisdiction, while concurrently transferring their activities to another.

As a result, large projects conducted by Japanese companies, such as M&As and business rehabilitation, often concern more than one country or jurisdiction.  

Further, in some developing countries in Asia, the legislation and/or courts are still in a developmental phase and negotiation with the local administrative institutions is sometimes more effective than formal procedures.

We have the requisite skill and experience, established through networks with law professionals we have partnered with on previous cases, and our association with lawyers’ organizations such as Lex Mundi (which has members in most of the principal countries and jurisdictions in Asia) to provide the optimal services to our Japanese clients.

When a client is involved in a dispute, we select the most qualified local professionals to assist us in critically reviewing the case and selecting the most appropriate measure to ensure the best solution for our client, if possible, without resorting to litigation, arbitration or mediation.

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