Other Breaches of Antitrust Laws

We represent many public utilities companies holding significant market share in their respective businesses and services.  We also assist a number of innovative companies that have a significant presence in certain Internet and IT sectors, which have grown exponentially with the recent evolution of the digital economy.

Since the introduction of administrative surcharges in 2009 for certain conduct that falls into unfair trade practices, such as abuse of superior bargaining position and predatory pricing, large retailers and manufacturers need to ensure that their business models and operations do not infringe the law.

We continually advise our clients in building their business models to minimize their risk of being accused of private monopolization and/or unfair trade practices.  When our clients face enforcement actions by the JFTC, we strategically handle those cases to avoid excessive intervention in their business models and minimize the sanctions, if any, in the course of JFTC’s investigations and litigations.

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