Pension plans are very important as the means of financial support for retired employees, although their cost can be burdensome for companies.  In some cases companies seek to revise their pension plans, such as by reducing the pension awards, but such types of amendments are difficult to implement.
In addition, in M&A transactions or corporate restructurings, there may be problems with the pension scheme requiring reform or integration, or withdrawal from the pension fund.  However, such pension problems tend to be overlooked and later discovered after the transaction or restructuring has concluded, which can lead to unexpected costs such as special premiums related to the withdrawal from the pension fund.
N&A, whose members include former officers and staff of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare responsible for pension matters, has considerable experience dealing with many pension reform cases, including the reductions in pensions for employees of Japan Airlines.  N&A also has considerable expertise on pension matters in M&A and restructuring cases.  Moreover, N&A continually achieves favorable outcomes in dispute cases related to pension matters.


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