Personal Data & Privacy/Big Data Businesses

With the rapid evolution of information technology, companies are increasingly making use of big data.  However, such utilization is a cause for concern for many individuals.  Accordingly, many countries and jurisdictions, including Japan and the EU, recognize the importance of protecting personal data and privacy, and have implemented legislation restricting the use of data in certain circumstances.  Nishimura & Asahi follows the latest developments in this area, analyzes them from a holistic perspective and provides practical advice relating to the utilization of personal data and other data in various contexts, including the financial, medical, IT and other industrial sectors.  Nishimura & Asahi also has considerable experience in advising clients in cases of data breach, privacy infringement or other similar incidents, as well as cybersecurity.  In the case where other countries or jurisdictions are involved, we collaborate with local counsel in the respective countries and jurisdictions

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