Public Interest Activities

Many of our lawyers have expertise in the area of economic and business law and international law, and significant experience working for or performing roles in governmental agencies.  Making use of such strengths, we proactively contribute to policy-making and legislation by providing our experts to governmental study groups and committees and engaging in legal and policy research projects entrusted to governmental agencies.  In addition, we engage in proposing effective and appropriate policies and legislation to governmental agencies based on the needs of companies and industry groups.  By engaging in such services related to government relations and public policy, we are able to gain a valuable insight into the legislative and policy-making process and utilize them for the benefit of our clients.

In addition, toward the realization of an abundant and fair society based on the “rule of law”, which is our core mission, in order to contribute to the realization of social justice, which is the mission as lawyers, we do pro bono activities, making use of each lawyer’s knowledge and skill.

1. Pro Bono Practice
We provide legal services with practically no charge, or at a low fee to organizations which do socially beneficial activities with a weak financial basis. Examples of our pro bono practice include preparing internal regulations, preparing outsourcing agreements, and giving legal advice regarding license agreements.

For inquiries regarding our pro bono practice, please contact us from the “Contact” below. Moreover, we typically intend to provide to corporations and organizations (which should be either one of the following: specified non-profit corporations (NPO), public interest incorporated associations, public interest incorporated foundations, non-profit general corporations, etc.) which have a “weak financial basis”. With regard to whether we will be able to undertake a case as a pro bono practice or not, we will be making judgements individually, taking into consideration each circumstance.

2. Achievements regarding other public interest activities
  • • Application regarding the acquisition of nationality (registration of an unregistered person) of a stateless person
  • • Acting as court-appointed defense counsel
  • • Activities regarding the Disciplinary Enforcement Committee, Dispute Arbitration Committee, Public Interest Activity Steering Committee, etc.
  • • Sending a manager to a lawyer ethics workshop
  • • A trustee of a scholarship foundation
  • • Participating in a legal education committee (which is for junior high schools, etc.)
  • • Education activities at universities and law schools
  • • Cooperation to Human Rights Now (doing research on laws abroad and giving advice, and lectures on the legislation regarding inheritance)
  • • Participating in the Legal Apprentice Committee
  • • Cooperation (research) to local and wide-area municipal governments affairs associations
  • • Submitting a written opinion on the interim proposal for the amendment to the Civil Code (matters related to the law of obligations) (Tokyo Bar Association Bankruptcy Law Group)
3. Recent selected honors

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