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数字化转型 / 数字化创新

数字化转型 / 数字化创新




  • 为实现Society 5.0构建新型商业模式相关的各种法律服务(智慧城市、智能数据、MaaS、CASE、自动驾驶、物联网、数字医疗等) 
  • 为推进DX(1)治理方针(DX治理)、(2)业务组合管理战略、业务合作及全球战略等、数字平台、数字营销、共享经济、订阅、网络零工、数据灵活利用(data free flow with trust)等 
  • 运用数字技术提高效率并优化各种业务等带来的各种法律问题(数字化创新、无人机、机器人/AI、自动化、金融科技、物流技术、区块链、远程工作、网络安全等)

所获奖项 Awards & Rankings

  • Nishimura & Asahi last year set up a digital transformation group that provides both legal and non-legal support for clients on a range of new technologies, data and regulations to help them undertake digital transformation. This kind of offering is unusual at Japanese firms and more common in the UK, the US and Europe, where firms have long augmented their legal expertise with complementary disciplines. In addition, the Nishimura digital transformation group works across legal practice areas and industry sectors. Kazuhiro Takei, the Nishimura partner who set up the initiative, says the most significant feature of the group is that it is multidisciplinary and cross-sectional in its approach.

    FT Innovative Lawyers Awards (Asia-Pacific 2021)