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    Startia Holdings, Inc. - Carve out of cloud storage business and establishment of joint venture with Chatwork Co., Ltd.

Leading Japanese law firm Nishimura & Asahi advised Startia Holdings, Inc. [TSE: 3393], a Japanese information technology company, on the carve-out of the cloud storage business of its subsidiary StartiaRaise, Inc. to form a new company and the sale of shares in the new company to Chatwork Co., Ltd. [TSE: 4448].

The Nishimura & Asahi team advising Startia Holdings was led by partners Yusuke Motoyanagi and Makoto Shimizu.


本柳 祐介

Yusuke has a wealth of experience in the areas of capital raising by corporations, the formation of investment funds, and investments in investment funds, in transactions of all sizes, both domestically and internationally. In the field of capital raising, he has an extensive and excellent track record in the issuance of shares by financially distressed listed companies. In regard to fund formation and fund investment, he is constantly involved in numerous transactions, and advises not only on the legal aspects of those transactions, but also on market standards. He also provides advice on a wide range of financial regulations, including those in new fields such as fintech. His advice includes providing guidance on registering or filing notifications required for conducting finance-related business, analyzing new finance-related businesses, and establishing/reviewing the internal compliance rules/systems of his clients. Recently, he has become more involved in blockchain- and token-related matters, including not only those in the finance sector, such as fundraising by issuing crypto assets, listing crypto assets on domestic and foreign exchanges, and other crypto asset-related transactions, but also those in areas outside the finance sector.

清水 誠

Makoto is an M&A/corporate partner. He has advised on numerous cross-border and domestic mergers and acquisitions for a variety of clients including business entities, financial institutions and private equity funds. He also worked for a leading Brazilian law firm for one year and is a key member of the Latin American Practice Group of Nishimura & Asahi, and provides legal advice to clients that operate businesses in Brazil and other Latin American countries.