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Through our lawyers at a leading local law firm, we are capable of providing legal services that are in line with local practices

Afridi & Angell, to which our lawyers are seconded, was established in 1975, shortly after the foundation of the UAE, and has four offices across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah. As the UAE’s legal system is a federal one, whereby each of the seven emirates has different laws, it is very beneficial to have a presence in three emirates.
Afridi & Angell also has several lawyers who have decades of experience in the UAE and are who are very familiar with legal practice in the Middle East. While many lawyers are foreign, reflecting the diverse range of nationalities in the UAE, Afridi & Angell also has Arabic lawyers and staff who assist in communication with UAE authorities, including courts.

Like Nishimura & Asahi, Afridi & Angell is a member firm of Lex Mundi, a global network of leading law firms. Through the Lex Mundi network, Afridi & Angell is able to easily collaborate with other top-tier law firms in various countries.
Other than the UAE, Afridi & Angell also focuses on Pakistan, Iran, Sudan, and Canada in particular.



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