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Support of the clients’ business in ASEAN countries, mainly Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines from Singapore

Nishimura & Asahi (Singapore) LLP (“NASG”) entered into a formal law alliance with Bayfront Law LLC, a Singapore law practice (“Bayfront Law”), on June 1, 2020. The Nishimura & Asahi - Bayfront Law Alliance, the first formal law alliance in Singapore involving a Japanese law practice, allows our clients access to a full spectrum of comprehensive Singaporean, Japanese, and international legal services from an integrated team.[*]

Since setting up in Singapore in 2012, NASG has expanded its team of attorneys qualified in the Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines and Japan, including secondees from Nishimura & Asahi Japan. Each has personal knowledge of different laws and cultures in the ASEAN region and wide ranging legal expertise, including in cross border mergers and acquisitions, dispute resolution, finance, and general corporate services. NASG also works closely with lawyers within Nishimura & Asahi’s global network, specialists from external law firms who are carefully selected to suit the characteristics of each project and client, to offer efficient and practical legal services throughout Southeast Asia.

The establishment of the Nishimura & Asahi - Bayfront Law Alliance is a reflection of Nishimura & Asahi’s commitment to providing the highest possible standards of legal service to our clients.

*In this alliance, matters concerning Singapore Law will generally be reviewed and undertaken by lawyers from Bayfront Law LLC.



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