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Sustainability Practice

サステナビリティ・プラクティス サステナビリティ・プラクティス

There has been a noticeable shift in the commercial landscape. Under mounting global pressure and a growing collective conscience, companies are taking greater accountability for their impact on society and the environment, and are prioritizing the need to balance sustainable growth and practices with commercial and economic outcomes.
In fact, this lies at the core of our Fundamental Mission – “to realize an affluent and fair society based on the rule of law”.
We provide corporations and investors with comprehensive legal advice on sustainability in respect of their businesses and transactions, including advising on compliance with laws and regulations such as the UK Modern Slavery Act, sustainability finance, and sustainability disclosure obligations. Through our activities, we expect to be able to invigorate corporate activities and enable our clients to achieve enduring, sustainable growth.

Business and Human Rights

The preservation of human rights is a critical consideration in all aspects of business, including and particularly within the supply chain. We can advise on the creation and implementation of transparent and comprehensive systems to protect and promote human rights.
We also support companies in appropriately addressing human rights issues by conducting human rights due diligence, preparing agreements that include human rights provisions, engaging in dialogue and collaboration with stakeholders, and responding to emergencies in the event of a human rights issue.


Establishing good working environments and maintaining talented work resources is necessary for the sustainable growth of corporations from a “social” point of view. In particular, corporations have struggled with legal reforms intended to overcome labor shortages. We advise clients on all aspects of labor and employment reform, including equal pay, remote working conditions, and diversity, equity and inclusion. We work with our clients to resolve expeditiously any labor issues and to foster strong internal relationships.

Medical and Healthcare

Although healthcare-related technology is progressing rapidly, many people around the globe do not receive adequate medical attention. To address this issue, it is essential to promote R&D to create innovative pharmaceuticals and healthcare solutions, and to build healthcare infrastructure that facilitates universal and equitable distribution of healthcare.
We provide legal support for numerous initiatives aimed at improving access to safe, high-quality healthcare services, including advising on regulatory compliance, protection of personal information, and the development and defense of intellectual property rights.


Recently, the agri-food industry has faced a variety of challenges, such as:
- maintaining and improving production and harvest volumes;
- the declining number of workers;
- environmental contamination;
- increasing Co2 emissions; and
- damage to human health.
To ensure sustainable growth, it is necessary to secure sufficient human resources, diverse financing, and food safety, which can all be improved through the use of agri-tech, big data and AI.


In order to achieve our Fundamental Mission, and contribute to a fair and affluent society, it is essential to help in the fight against corruption. This is a global challenge that transcends national borders.
Efforts to prevent corruption, as well as responses to uncovered violations, need to be based on an understanding of the social structure of each country, its legal system, and the characteristics of the regulatory authorities. With 18 offices across the globe offering local expertise on an international scale, we advise on how to achieve sound business practices based on these characteristics.


In recent years, global issues such as international trade tensions, environmental challenges, and the COVID-19 pandemic have led to an increasing number of restrictions imposed on cross-border activities, including sanctions. In order to manage successfully a sustainable business in an increasingly globalized world, it is essential to make commercial decisions in consideration of the legal systems they impact. With more than 700 lawyers based in 18 offices across the globe, and as the only Japanese member of the world’s leading network of independent law firms, Lex Mundi, we are well equipped to provide this support.

Public Interest Activities and Pro Bono

In keeping with our Fundamental Mission, we also provide legal services to organizations that perform socially beneficial activities, but that lack financial resources. Please click here to read more about our Pro Bono practice.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity lies at the core of how we operate. As an international firm with offices and members around the world, respect for and inclusion of diverse backgrounds and ways of thinking is part of our DNA.
We actively seek to promote and foster diversity, equity and inclusion in all facets of our business. It is absolutely fundamental to our enduring growth and success. We strive to assemble diverse teams of lawyers capable of producing outcomes that satisfy clients.

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