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(Nishimura & Asahi LPC Branch Office)


As the Kyushu base of Nishimura Asahi, since our establishment in July 2013, we have been providing general support for business legal affairs related to the economic activities of companies mainly in the Kyushu and Chugoku regions

Currently, we have six attorneys, including U.S. law attorneys. We are working to provide "one-stop services" in all fields of business law in Japan and abroad, including cross-border, M&A, corporate crisis management and compliance, insolvency/restructuring, finance, intellectual property, company lawsuits and disputes, tax, and personnel affairs, while utilizing the global network established between our offices in Japan and abroad and with leading local law firms around the world. In addition to the various legal issues that we routinely face in the course of our corporate activities, we provide prompt, accurate, and high-value-added legal services with our strengths in, among other things, cutting-edge projects that require a high degree of expertise, complex projects that require comprehensive strengths across multiple specialized fields, projects that require short-term intensive mobility, overseas expansion and development projects, including M&A involving overseas companies, major corporate scandals that could seriously affect corporate credibility, and reconstruction-oriented legal bankruptcy procedures and private reorganization procedures.



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