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As the only major Japanese law firm with an office in Taiwan, we provide comprehensive legal advice and a variety of legal services in relation to matters involving Japan, Taiwan, and other countries

In April 2020, we became the first leading Japanese law firm to open an office in Taiwan, Taipei (Nishimura & Asahi Taiwan), which was established by our Taiwanese lawyer Ms. Sun, Ing-Chian.

Our Taiwan office consists of Taiwanese lawyer Mr. Chang, Sheng-Chieh, who has vast experience especially in the fields of international financial and securities & exchange matters related to M&A, and other experienced Taiwanese lawyers. We seamlessly cooperate with our Taiwan practice team at our Tokyo office to provide a comprehensive range of high-quality legal services regarding investments by Japanese companies in Taiwan, various M&A matters, joint ventures, business alliances between Japanese and Taiwanese companies, bankruptcy and business revitalization involving both Japan and Taiwan, and various disputes between Japan and Taiwan with due consideration for the differences between the legal systems of Japan and Taiwan.

In recent years, an increasing number of Japanese companies have been working with Taiwanese companies to invest in and develop businesses in Southeast Asia. Our Taiwan office has also taken advantage of its network of offices in Asian countries to provide seamless and timely legal support for such cases.



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