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Issues and Prospects Concerning Data Utilization a Focusing on Industrial Data (vol.7)

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Issues and Prospects Concerning Data Utilization a Focusing on Industrial Data (vol.7)

Gai Matsushita co-authored an article titled “Issues and Prospects Concerning Data Utilization Focusing on Industrial Data (Vol. 7); Regulatory Trends Surrounding Industrial Data, etc. in the U.S. (Part 3); and Movements Surrounding Competition Law, Consumer Protection, Data Brokers, etc.,” which was published on pp. 80-86 of NBL No. 1263 (April 1, 2024) by Shoji Homu Co., Ltd.


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Gai handles a wide variety of IP related disputes including IP infringement litigation and trials as well as non-contentious matters including drafting and reviewing IP related agreements. With an engineering background, Gai has particular expertise in patent related matters but is also adept at handling copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets. 

Gai also advises tech ventures and startups on cutting-edge technological matters involving AI, IoT and data including data privacy. Gai served as a member of the team that drafted the “Contract Guidelines on the Utilization of AI and Data,” Japan’s first comprehensive guidelines on AI and data related contracts published by the Japanese Government in June 2018. His strength in technology related matters is widely acknowledged by clients: “Gai Matsushita is particularly experienced in the technical field while having a deep knowledge of law, he is an excellent lawyer who leads his client in the right direction” (Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2020).

Gai is active in the field of international dispute resolution. Based on his experience working at leading firms in Singapore and New York, Gai has represented clients in several international commercial arbitration cases seated outside of Japan and in arbitration related domestic procedures including applications for provisional dispositions in Japan.