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The Beijing Representative Office provides support to our clients to enable them to succeed in their business alliances and corporate acquisitions of Japanese and Chinese companies, and works to resolve the diverse problems that companies face in their operations, such as corporate legal affairs, M&A, and compliance responses

As one of largest law firms in Japan, we have a solid track record in the legal fields in which companies are involved. By collaborating with our offices in Japan and overseas, the Beijing Representative Office provides a wide range of advice to corporations considering investments, expanding their businesses in Japan and China, and cross-border transactions.

The Beijing Representative Office is staffed by two Japanese lawyers, Nakashima Azusa and Shiga Masashi, who have extensive experience in Chinese law and practice. We provide a wide range of high-quality legal advice related to international transactions between Japan and China, expansion into Japan by Chinese companies, expansion into China by Japanese companies, various types of support for Chinese subsidiaries, corporate, M&A, business revitalization, commerce laws and regulations, fraud investigations, and disputes, etc.

In order to respond quickly to diverse needs, we have established a close network with local law firms in China, not to mention our offices. Comprehensive support will be provided in various fields, including expansion of Japanese companies into China, legal issues in daily operations, withdrawal from China, and expansion of Chinese companies into Japan, taking into account the differences in legal concepts and culture. We also provide seamless communication support because we can correspond in native-level Chinese.



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