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Atsushi Mizushima participated as a panelist at "Investing in Space" by The Financial Times

Atsushi Mizushima participated as a panelist in a session entitled "A Global Perspective on Financing Space" at "Investing in Space", an event held by The Financial Times in London on June 5-6, 2023.


水島 淳

Atsushi combines his experience as an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley and his broad experience as a business attorney to provide solutions to tech companies and startups, including the design of transaction flows and contractual frameworks in business model creation, fundraising, various types of business collaboration with large corporations, IP strategy building, global business expansion, and strategic M&A and joint venture deals. For larger corporations, he advises on business collaboration with companies in other industry domains and on investments in and business collaborations with startups as well as on their new business model creation.