Tetsuo Kabe joins Nishimura & Asahi

Tetsuo Kabe

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Tetsuo Kabe joined Nishimura & Asahi as an Of Counsel on February 17, 2022.

After graduating from the University of Tokyo, Tetsuo Kabe joined Japan’s Ministry of Finance in 1985, and gained experience as the District Director of the Tax Office, and while working for the Securities Bureau, the Banking Bureau, the Regional Taxation Bureau, the Budget Bureau and so on. He held the positions of Counselor of the Embassy of Japan in the United States, Deputy Director-General of the Minister’s Secretariat in charge of the International Bureau, Deputy Director-General of the Budget Bureau, Deputy Vice Minister for Policy Planning and Coordination in 2017, Director-General of the Financial Bureau in 2018, and Commissioner of the National Tax Agency in 2020. He received an LL.M. from Harvard Law School and was a Visiting Scholar at UCLA School of Law. He worked at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP and is an attorney-at-law admitted in New York and USCPA certified in Delaware.

Tetsuo Kabe will advise our clients and our firm on a broad range of areas using his considerable experience and expertise, to further enrich and develop our practice groups.

Profile of Tetsuo Kabe