Ichita Matsunaga joins Nishimura & Asahi

Ichita Matsunaga

We are pleased to announce that Ichita Matsunaga joined Nishimura & Asahi as Counsel on April 1, 2022.

Ichita Matsunaga started his career in 2006 as an assistant judge at the Tokyo District Court. After he worked at Duke University School of Law as a visiting scholar, he served as an attorney at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Foreign Policy Bureau and then at the Supreme Court Administrative Affairs Bureau, before serving as a judge of the Tokyo District Court and the Sapporo District Court (he was also a visiting professor at Hokkaido University Law School).

He has practical experience in a wide range of civil cases such as labor disputes and corporate disputes, and administrative cases including tax disputes and cases related to Japan’s Financial Instruments and Exchange Law. He also has extensive knowledge of legislative and policy-making work from his time as an administrative officer. He is expected to make use of his abundant career in the field of litigation and to contribute to the further enhancement and development of our firm.

Profile of Ichita Matsunaga