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Akihiro Shiba's comments on JBA's Euroyen TIBOR cessation plan appear in Lexology PRO article

Akihiro Shiba's comments appeared in a Lexology PRO article titled “JBA releases permanent cessation plan for Euroyen TIBOR,” published on Aug. 2, 2023.


芝 章浩

Akihiro Shiba represents a wide range of clients, including numerous financial institutions and FinTech firms, within and outside Japan, in connection with licensing, compliance and other regulatory matters (such as those related to banking, securities, derivatives, and payments regulations, FDI restrictions, and AML/CFT/CPF requirements), and domestic and cross-border financial transactions (including those related to structured finance and asset management). Since 2014, his practice has focused on various FinTech matters, including those involving various digital tokens (such as cryptocurrencies, securities tokens, stablecoins, and NFTs), online platform-based financial transactions (like social lending and other crowdfunding), and online remittance and payment services (such as mobile payments). He has written numerous books and articles, and given many seminars and lectures, on subjects relevant to his practice areas.