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Nishimura & Asahi’s work on deals recognized at LSEG's DEALWATCH AWARDS 2023

The DEALWATCH AWARDS 2023 were announced to honor outstanding issuers of debt and equity securities in the domestic capital markets, Japanese issuers with overseas offerings, and underwriting securities firms managing deals. The awards are sponsored by the London Stock Exchange Group. 

We are pleased to announce that Nishimura & Asahi participated in the following award-winning transactions. 

Offshore Bond of the Year 
U.S. dollar-denominated bonds issuance of Rakuten Group (legal counsel of issuer) 
Kohei Koikawa, Kentaro Sugimoto 

IPO of the Year 
Global IPO of KOKUSAI ELECTRIC (legal counsel of issuer) 
Kohei Koikawa, Kentaro Sugimoto, Masashi Ueda


濃川 耕平


  • Partner
  • Tokyo

He has an extensive track record representing issuers, managers and selling shareholders in various capital markets transactions, incduling global IPOs, global follow-on offerings, convetibles bonds offerings, debt offerings, private investments in public companies (PIPEs), J-REITs offerings. He also has been active in fincance transactions by venture companies.

杉本 健太郎

Kentaro has been involved in a significant number of capital market transactions including Euro bond offerings, global bond offerings, IPOs, follow-on offerings and convertible bonds offerings, conducted by both Japanese issuers and foreign issuers, as the issuer’s counsel or underwriter’s counsel. In addition, he advises on compliance with Japanese disclosure and reporting requirements.

上田 真嗣

Masashi UEDA

  • Partner
  • Tokyo

Since joining Nishimura & Asahi, Masashi has handled numerous deals relating to capital markets, including global IPO and PO deals, corporate debt transactions, euro convertible bond offerings, samurai bond offerings, listings of foreign companies on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and third-party allotments. His abundant, practical experience, and prior secondment to a major financial institution, enable him to provide not only tailored legal advice and efficient support for a wide range of projects, but also specialized legal advice relating to the origination of projects with new features or structures. In addition to capital markets practice, Masashi actively represents clients in insurance transactions, including cross-border matters and those related to the Insurance Business Act; he is a member of our insurance team, and also engages in other financial regulation practice.