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D&I AWARD 2023

D&I Award 2023

Nishimura & Asahi recognized by D&I AWARD 2023 as a "Best Workplace" for the second consecutive year.

Following our recognition last year, Nishimura & Asahi has been awarded "Best Workplace" by D&I AWARD 2023, the highest distinction. D&I AWARD is the leading award in Japan that recognizes and honors companies that are committed to diversity and inclusion (D&I).

*The goal of D&I AWARD is to broaden the foundation for the promotion of D&I and accelerate the D&I movement across all of society by proposing ways to increase D&I that companies should aim to implement. D&I AWARD evaluates companies using a distinctive set of criteria encompassing five primary considerations including: gender gap, LGBT, disability, multicultural coexistence, and childcare/nursing care. Tiers of award include Beginner (score 1 to 20), Standard (score 21 to 60), and Advanced (score 61 to 80). Only companies that receive a score of 81-100 qualify as a Best Workplace. (Please note that this scoring system has been adapted from the D&I AWARD 2023 website.)

*For further details, please refer to the D&I AWARD 2023 website as linked below. Please note that this page is only in Japanese.