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Other Middle East Countries

The only Japanese law firm that places a resident lawyer in the UAE, a hub in the Middle East, to provide legal advice consistent with local practice.

We have a Middle East practice team and are committed to legally supporting Japanese corporate activities in the Middle East. In the Gulf countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, industrial diversification is aimed at in order to reduce the degree of reliance on oil and gas, and various business opportunities are being created. Egypt, Turkey and Iran have large markets, and Israel as a technological superpower attracts investors from all over the world. The Middle East is expected to have more opportunities for Japanese companies to play an active role in the future, but when it comes to legal affairs, we often face the problem of the information obtained from the government or local law firms not always being reliable. Under these circumstances, since 2013, we have stationed a lawyer in Dubai, a hub of the Middle East, who collects local information and strengthens the network with legal personnel in the Middle East in order to enable practically meaningful advice that has undergone verification based on local information and experience, rather than advice based on superficial information. We have extensive experience in business related legal affairs in the Middle Eastern countries, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, Turkey, Iran and Israel, and also actively publish books and newsletters on the Middle East.

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