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    Successful Settlements in Patent Infringement Litigation regarding Message Exchange System

N&A represented the defendant in a patent infringement lawsuit.
The defendant was sued based on a patent regarding a message exchange system made by the patentee.  Since N&A vigorously refuted the patentee’s argument, the patentee admitted that the defendant’s products did not infringe upon their patent, and the defendant was not required to make any payment.


川上 嘉彦

Among other things, Yoshihiko is recognized as an authority on real-estate finance and a pioneer in structured finance. He has advised on various types of real property and its related finance, as well as investment funds, including J-REITs and private real-estate funds. He has been involved in numerous significant transactions employing various structures; these transactions have included a variety of underlying assets, including those that are not monetary claims or real property, such as movable property, whole businesses, and intellectual property. His expertise extends to other international and domestic finance areas, such as banking, trust, and securities regulation, and equity and mezzanine finance including BIS finance, project finance, public sector finance, Islamic finance, and finance in the renewable energy sector, including mega solar project bonds. He also heads the firm’s Middle East Practice Team, and has advised on various matters in relation to that region, as well as Asian countries.