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Recent measures implemented in Abu Dhabi in response to COVID-19 By Charles Laubach | 1 June 2020

This newsletter summarizes the recent measures implemented in Abu Dhabi in response to COVID-19.

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森下 真生

As an attorney belonging to a Japanese law firm, Masao is the only long-term resident attorney in the Middle East. From Dubai, a hub in the MENA region, he covers a broad area including the Gulf countries, Iran, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, etc.
 Masao frequently deals with legal issues inherent to the Middle East, such as commercial agency laws, foreign investment restrictions, and economic sanctions, and has been involved in numerous Middle-East-related seminars and articles.
 In the Middle East, where divergences between laws and practices are a frequent issue, he is able to provide practical advice that goes beyond a mere understanding of the contents of applicable laws, drawing on his diverse range of experience and personal connections in the region.
 Masao has close relationships with major law firms in each country and coordinates with such firms in an appropriate and timely manner, including controlling attorneys’ fees.
 He has also been involved in infrastructure projects worldwide, including at a Japanese investment and trading company and a UK law firm to which he was seconded.