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Possibility and Legal Framework of Solar Sharing and Recent Trends in Agritech - Part 3

In the previous newsletter, we explained the legal requirements for solar sharing and the form of entry. In the final issue of this three-part newsletter, mainly, we will explain how to increase the size of a solar sharing business and how to raise funds. The structural perspective of the previous newsletter placed focus on bifurcation of (a) corporate finance, which relies on the creditworthiness of large companies in the region considering corporate PPA, and (b) the project finance method. However, from a legal perspective, a primary consideration is whether entities are divided into installers of power generation facilities and implementers of power generation projects (hereinafter referred to as "power producers") on the one hand, and those engaging in the farming...To read the full article, please see the PDF file

*This article is also available in Japanese.

It is also available in PDF.
Finance Law / Agri-Food Newsletter (February 15, 2023) Download PDF [590 KB]


杉山 泰成

Yasunari Sugiyama is a partner in the firm's Asset Finance Group and Agri-Food Practice Group. In the finance area, his major and unique areas include financing of movables (lease, installment purchase and secured loan), supports for overseas expansion by financial institutions, acquisition finance and domestic and cross-border real estate transactions. In particular, he has extensive experience in proposing and implementing business plans and schemes available for each target jurisdiction taking into consideration the specific civil and commercial laws and financial regulations regarding the movables and real estates in Asian, European and North and South American countries and their entity-based and geographical applicability and coverage in terms of the overseas expansion of Japanese financial institutions. Further, in the agri-food area, he aims to provide legal services for the purposes of the introduction of smart agriculture, business expansion and diversification of financing sources, development and scaling of new business such as solar-sharing and onland aquaculture business, in each case while organizing the various laws and regulations applicable to each process of value chains of the agricultural, forestry and fishery business.