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Legal Practice in the Agri-Food Business: Legal Strategies to Support Sustainability and Innovation in Food and Agriculture

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Legal Practice in the Agri-Food Business: Legal Strategies to Support Sustainability and Innovation in Food and Agriculture

Yasunari Sugiyama, Naoki Tsujimoto, Eri Hirata, Masaki Hosaka, Taro Hirosawa, Aya Kamimura, Toshihiko Hamano, Sayaka Habe, Takunori Kono, Hideki Katagiri, Naoki Matsumoto, Yusuke Mizuno, Masahiko Shizawa, Atsuya Katsumata, Erika Tanaka, Kenya Suzuki and Mayu Okada co-authored a book entitled “Legal Practice in the Agri-Food Business: Legal Strategies to Support Sustainability and Innovation in Food and Agriculture,” published by Kinzai Institute for Financial Affairs, Inc.


杉山 泰成

Yasunari Sugiyama is a partner in the firm's Asset Finance Group and Agri-Food Practice Group. In the finance area, his major and unique areas include financing of movables (lease, installment purchase and secured loan), supports for overseas expansion by financial institutions, acquisition finance and domestic and cross-border real estate transactions. In particular, he has extensive experience in proposing and implementing business plans and schemes available for each target jurisdiction taking into consideration the specific civil and commercial laws and financial regulations regarding the movables and real estates in Asian, European and North and South American countries and their entity-based and geographical applicability and coverage in terms of the overseas expansion of Japanese financial institutions. Further, in the agri-food area, he aims to provide legal services for the purposes of the introduction of smart agriculture, business expansion and diversification of financing sources, development and scaling of new business such as solar-sharing and onland aquaculture business, in each case while organizing the various laws and regulations applicable to each process of value chains of the agricultural, forestry and fishery business.

辻本 直規

Based on his experience working for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, he provides a wide range of regulatory compliance, policy advocacy and rulemaking, and new business and business development advice, as well as contract-related support in the agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and food sectors. He also provides strategic support for mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, business succession, start-up financing, intellectual property strategies, and international transactions. The Agri-Food Practice was "Commended" at the FT Innovative Lawyers Asia-Pacific Awards 2023 for its innovative activities.

保坂 雅樹


  • Of Counsel
  • Tokyo

Masaki Hosaka has expertise in General Corporate and M&A law. He was the Managing Partner of the firm from early 2011 to March 2021, and Chairman of The Management Board from April 2021 to March 2024. He is now an student in the Bachelor’s program at the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Education.

廣澤 太郎


  • Partner
  • Tokyo Hanoi / Ho Chi Minh City

In addition to seven years' experience in Vietnam, Taro also has experience in working as in-house counsel for a major trading company. He has strong expertise in cross-border M&A/joint ventures, real estate development, labor, compliance, crisis management deals, and international transactions. In recent years, the scope of his work has expanded to include Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries. He is also a member of the Agrifood Practice Team.

濱野 敏彦

He graduated from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Frontier Sciences (M.S.) in 2004. Due to his technical background, he advises clients on various technology matters, including artificial intelligence (AI), data protection, medical field, healthcare, software, system, cloud computing, information technology, and DX. He has deep knowledge of artificial intelligence because he studied neural networks, which is the main technology of artificial intelligence, in an academic lab for three years. He successfully passed the Japanese patent attorney examination in 2002, and he has been admitted in Japan since 2009. Therefore, he advises clients on various intellectual property law matters due to his technical background and knowledge as a Japanese patent attorney. Regarding dispute matters of intellectual property, he has handled patent litigation, litigation regarding employee inventions, trade secret litigation and so on. Especially, he has considerable experience in trade secret disputes, and he provides a support service on countermeasures against divulging trade secrets, including drafting company regulations, data management practice, and employee training.He graduated from the University of Tokyo (Graduate School of Frontier Sciences) with an M.S. in 2004, passed the Japanese patent agent examination in 2002, and has been admitted to practice law in Japan since 2009. He regularly draws on his technical background and expertise to advise clients on various technology matters, including AI (particularly generative AI), data protection, med-tech, healthcare, software, systems, cloud computing, information technology, DX, and quantum computing. He has a deep understanding of artificial intelligence due to his research on neural networks, and uses his experience as a Japanese patent attorney to advise clients on a wide range of legal matters. He also handles litigation involving patents, employee inventions, trade secrets and other tech and intellectual property issues, and has considerable experience with trade secrets disputes and supporting clients with the establishment and implementation of countermeasures to protect trade secrets, including drafting company regulations, designing data management practices, and conducting employee training.