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Virtual-Currency Newsletter Applicability of Money-Transmission Laws to Virtual Currency

When considering business related to Web3, it is impossible to ignore the laws and regulations of crypto-assets in the United States of America, where crypto-assets are actively developed, traded, and invested. As such, this series will highlight various U.S. laws and regulations related to crypto-assets, such as the Electronic Fund Transfer Act, beginning with this article’s discussion of the applicability of money-transmission laws to virtual currency. Part I provides an overview of U.S. money-transmission laws, which have been in existence since the turn of the nineteenth century to protect consumers who deposit money with people or entities for the purpose of transmitting it to a designated person or location. These laws have expanded in scope over the past 100-odd years…To read the article, please see the PDF file

It is also available in PDF.
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福岡 真之介

In the area of Robotics/Artificial Intelligence, Shin Fukuoka mainly handles AI, Big Data and IoT. He acts as a Member of The Cabinet Office’s “Committee on Human-centered AI Social Principles” and Committee Member of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Investigative Commission on "The AI and Data Contract Guidelines Review Committee". In the area of Corporate, he mainly handles M&A and Corporate Governance. In the area of Restructuring/Insolvency, he has been involved in numerous restructuring and insolvency cases, with a focus on cross-border insolvency cases, representing both debtor parties and creditor parties. Most recently, he represented Daiichi Chuo Kisen Kaisha and Japan Airlines as a legal counsel of the debtor and Elpida, Takefuji and Mt.Gox as a creditor’s counsel. He has also contributed to many publications, including "Law and Strategy of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence", "Artificial Intelligence: Law and Issues" and "Data Contract Law".