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Outlook of Trust Law Now and Future

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Outlook of Trust Law Now and Future


有吉 尚哉

His extensive experience includes securitization transactions regarding a wide variety of receivables and other asset classes as a legal counsel for originators, arrangers, and trustees, and he has worked on structured finance transactions involving various schemes, including those achieved for the first time ever in Japan. He has a great deal of experience engaging in the development of new trust products and complicated trust schemes. As he has worked at the Corporate Accounting and Disclosure Division, the Planning and Coordination Bureau, the Financial Services Agency of Japan, and also has experience engaging in the planning of the financial regulations there, he has provided advice to many financial institutions, including banks, trust banks, securities firms, insurance companies, and nonbanks, as well as business companies and start-ups which enter the financial businesses. He also has a great deal of experience advising companies with respect to the application of the financial regulations on novel transactions or products, including FinTech areas. He has a wealth of experience participating as a member of various study groups and working groups, including government and academia conferences, and has frequently written and spoken on a wide range of topics involving legal systems and finance practice; thus, he is recognized as an opinion leader in the field of finance law.

小野 傑

Masaru Ono is a Former Representative Partner, and has been working to open up and develop new finance areas, such as by laying the groundwork for the introduction of securitization in Japan.  Outside the finance sector, he also provides strategic advice on corporate crisis management, international disputes, and new projects that require the expertise and organizational strength of his practice groups, as well as on strategies that are not necessarily covered by conventional practices, precedents, or legal interpretations.  

By acting as a bridge between the practical, academic, educational, and legislative fields, he played a major role in publishing the “CORPUS JURIS FINANCE” and establishing securitization in Japan.  He also was called upon to provide his expert opinion as a witness before the Diet of Japan on the Trust Law and the Special Law on the Assignment of Claims.  In addition, he has participated in the Legislative Council, Financial Council, etc., has lectured at Hitotsubashi University Law School, and has acted as a visiting professor at the University of Tokyo for more than a decade. "