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Chambers Global Practice Guides - Real Estate 2023: Japan

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Chambers Global Practice Guides - Real Estate 2023: Japan

Hiroshi Niinomi, Koki Hara, Naoto Yamamoto, and Yuji Okada co-autuored the Japan Trends & Debelopements of the Chambers Global Practice Guides - Real Estate 2023, published by Chambers and Partners.


原 光毅

Koki is a seasoned expert on a wide range of real-estate transactions (including securitization of real estate) with diversified clients, such as banks, developers, and asset management companies. His coverage includes cross-border real-estate finance, project finance and other finance transactions. Also, he is specialized in REIT, and financial regulatory matters including banking, and asset management.

山本 直人

Naoto has expertise in medium-to-large-scale domestic and cross-border real estate securitization transactions facilitating TMK and TK-GK structures for various types of assets including offices, residential properties, logistics, shopping complexes, hotels, data centers, and detached housing. He regularly supports projects and transactions concerning real estate matters for a range of clients such as financial institutions, investors, asset managers, general contractors, developers, etc. He also supports domestic and cross-border financial deals, based on his experience in being seconded to the head offices and key overseas branches of major financial institutions.