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We are committed to preserving a sustainable global environment, and we have undertaken numerous initiatives to reduce the impact of our business on the environment. At the request of the Japanese government, bar associations, and other bodies, we also participate in committees and study groups on climate change and the environment.

Specific Initiatives

Implementation of eco-office measures

We take measures to combat global warming and to moderate as much as possible our use of electric power throughout the year, such as through the adjustment of air conditioners. We promote the elimination of plastic straws, the use of paperless and recycling measures, and the use of eco-bags.

When we relocated our Tokyo HQ in 2016, we selected a building designed and constructed with sustainability in mind and significantly reduced our carbon footprint by adopting LEED-certified materials for ceilings, walls and floors. There is a system in our Tokyo HQ building that purifies the water from the moat surrounding the neighboring Imperial Palace. All electricity used in the building has been derived from renewable and decarbonized energy sources since 2021.