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Administrative Litigation

Administrative Litigation

Nishimura & Asahi’s professionals utilize their extensive experience to advise their clients on all forms of dispute resolution proceedings with government bodies, including representation in traditional administrative litigations.

In a dispute between a private company and an administrative agency regarding the company's actions, the company could potentially be subject to various penalties or will not obtain the outcome it desires in terms of administrative measures. Depending on the decision of the administrative agency, the company may wish to file a lawsuit against the agency, or commence other procedures through dispute resolution institutions, such as a trial at the Japan Fair Trade Commission, National Tax Tribunal or the Financial Services Agency, or a dispute settlement procedure at the Environmental Dispute Coordination Commission, Telecommunications Business Dispute Settlement Commission, or the Exploratory Committee of the Office for Government Procurement Challenge System. Nishimura & Asahi has significant experience in handling these types of procedures with such dispute settlement bodies, as well as expertise in traditional administrative litigation.

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