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Overseas Practice Law Firm of the Year at ALB Japan Law Awards 2023

Nishimura & Asahi won recognition at the 19th annual ALB Japan Law Awards, presented by Asian Legal Business/Thomson Reuters and held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Tokyo on June 8, 2023.

In total, our firm received 11 awards for our individual lawyers, deal types and practice areas, including:

Overseas Practice Law Firm of the Year

International Arbitration Law Firm of the Year

Labor and Employment Law Firm of the Year

Litigation Law Firm of the Year

Real Estate Law Firm of the Year

Deal Maker of the Year – Hiroshi Uchima

Young Lawyer of the Year – Keitaro Hamada

TMT Deal of the Year
Hitachi Disposition of Hitachi Metals
Hiroyuki Usuda, Tokuhiro Matsunaga, Shinji Dohi, Kaoru Tatsumi, Tomoyuki Numata, Yotaro Takayama

Real Estate Deal of the Year
Seibu Group’s Hotel Portfolio Disposition
Yoshiaki Ikeda, Takuya Shimizu

Debt Market Deal of the Year
Bain Capital’s Tender Offer for Hitachi Metals
Hiroyuki Usuda

M&A Deal of the Year (Premium)
KKR Acquisition of Mitsubishi Corp UBS Realty
Kazuhiro Takei, Ayako Matsumoto


Kazuhiro Takei has extensive expertise representing Japanese public companies on a variety of matters, including M&A, corporate governance and digital transformation, corporate law, securities law, shareholders meeting, consumer law, and tax law. 

内間 裕

Since 2002, Hiroshi has been a partner in the firm’s M&A and corporate practice area. His experience ranges from M&A (business integration, acquisition and organizational restructuring between operating companies, acquisition of listed/unlisted companies by funds, going private, cross-border M&A, etc.) to general corporate law (general meetings of shareholders, corporate governance, various commercial transactions and contracts, financing, personnel and labor, response to legal revisions, disputes, crisis management, etc.). While he has extensive experience in large-scale and complex M&A transactions, he also provides efficient and effective advice depending on the status of the project in areas such as overseas M&A of Japanese companies, expansion into Japan by overseas companies, and support for startup businesses. In crisis management and dispute cases, he provide practical and effective advice to ensure clients achieve their goals based on a thorough understanding of the circumstances faced by the client. His clients are diverse, including domestic and overseas companies, financial institutions, and investment funds.

臼田 啓之

Hiroyuki has advised on numerous M&A transactions in both domestic and cross-boarder areas, and in both the private and public sector for over 25 years. He has also provided legal services regarding general corporate matters including advice on the general shareholders meetings of public companies, risk management and business judgment matters based on his extensive knowledge of law and economics.

清水 拓也

Takuya has advised Japanese and international financial institutions, funds, and investors on a large number of structured finance transactions. He also worked on secondment at a European office of a Japanese financial institution.

松永 徳宏

Tokuhiro Matsunaga has handled a wide variety of cross-border M&A transactions in Asia and other regions. Recently, he has been focusing on the expansion of N&A’s Thai legal practice, and provides hands-on support to both Japanese and international clients that invest or are located in Thailand. He advises clients from both corporate/M&A and competition law perspectives, and has prevailed in a broad range of complicated cases, such as M&A transactions that involve serious antitrust issues. In addition, he has extensive experience with competition law investigations by the Japanese Fair Trade Commission, as well as investigations by other competition authorities in more than 15 countries. He also advises on other legal practice areas, including corporate governance, shareholders’ meetings, countermeasures against hostile takeovers and shareholder activism, compliance enhancement, internal investigations, and whistleblowing cases. He is adept at precisely understanding clients’ needs, and works carefully and efficiently to achieve the optimal outcomes for his clients.

Shinji provides strategic and practical advice to both public and private clients in various corporate matters, including cross-border M&A transactions. Shinji is well accustomed to communicating closely with clients, addressing their concerns precisely, proposing strategic solutions, and providing legal services in a timely manner. Shinji’s practice covers various M&A transactions, such as Inbound / Outbound cross-border deals, mergers between public companies, tender offers, management buy-outs, privatization transactions, business alliances, corporate reorganizations, and joint ventures. Shinji also deals with a wide range of corporate matters, including corporate governance matters, defenses against hostile takeovers and shareholder activism, advice on shareholder meetings, corporate disputes, and labor matters. In addition, Shinji has published various articles on M&A topics and corporate law topics in Japan.

松本 絢子

Ayako Matsumoto is a partner at Nishimura & Asahi specializing in the area of Corporate/M&A. She has handled various domestic and cross-border M&A transactions, including complicated and large-scale issues. She also provides extensive advice on a wide range of corporate activities, including corporate governance, compliance, management and utilization of information, digital transformation, brand strategy, insurance, and various corporate and commercial transactions. She is a core member of our data protection practice group, and provides practical advice regarding information related issues on global management of personal data, trade secrets and intellectual property, insider trading regulations, cyber security insurance, utilization of digital technology, etc. She has also been focusing on the fashion law practice, and provides crosscutting and global legal support, by closely collaborating with our experts in various fields and local offices, for apparel designers, retailers, manufacturers, importers, investors, and brand owners and luxury goods companies. She provides practical, commercial, and creative advice to protect brands and ensure they remain competitive in a fierce and rapidly evolving industry with rapid progress in digital economy and social transformation.

辰巳 郁


  • NY LLP Partner
  • New York

Mr. Tatsumi mainly advises clients on international and domestic corporate transactions such as mergers, MBOs/LBOs, joint ventures, venture capital investments and other types of M&A transactions, as well as general corporate matters and commercial disputes relating to such corporate transactions; advising major business companies, financial institutions, and private equity funds, both in Japan and overseas.
 Mr. Tatsumi is one of only a few lawyers in Japan who has been seconded as an attorney to the Ministry of Justice, and during his tenure there he had a significant role in important governmental activities, such as the amendment of the Companies Act.
 Drawing on his significant expertise and deep knowledge, he has authored numerous books and articles in the area of M&A, as well as general corporate law. These publications provide practical solutions to complex legal issues, and bolster Mr. Tatsumi's reputation as a highly respected legal practitioner.

沼田 知之

Tomoyuki NUMATA

  • Partner
  • Tokyo

Tomoyuki Numata specializes in crisis management and competition law compliance, with a wealth of experience in cases that require understanding of IT and technology. 

As a partner in the crisis management department, he has extensive experience in dealing with cases such as window dressing, bribery of overseas civil servants, fraudulent acquisition of confidential information, violation of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, quality fraud in the manufacturing industry, and embezzlement by employees. In these cases, he was responsible for fact-finding and investigating the cause. He has also taken a number of strategic actions, such as dealing with government and investigative authorities (including experience of commitment agreement with the JFTC and judicial transactions), communicating with the mass media, and formulating recurrence prevention measures. 

In the field of antitrust law / competition law, he is involved in cartel / bid negotiation cases including criminal cases / administrative cases, unilateral acts cases such as private monopoly, unfair trading methods, etc. He also handles a lot of authorities’ responses. In addition, he has a wealth of experience in dealing with domestic and overseas business combination investigation by the Japan Fair Trade Commission and overseas competition authorities. 

He also provides a lot of advice on creating a legal compliance system such as anti-bribery system, competition law management system, whistleblowing system, internal audit and monitoring. In particular, he is familiar with system development utilizing advanced technologies such as machine learning, data analytics, and text mining. 

高山 陽太郎

Yotaro engages in all aspects of corporate legal affairs, focusing on domestic and overseas M&A and startup-related deals. Leveraging his broad knowledge and experience, Yotaro analyzes transaction structures, designs execution plans and negotiation strategies, and supports the analysis and execution of transactions to achieve their goals and objectives. In the M&A field, Yotaro has a track record of success in numerous deals, including cross-border transactions, and possesses broad knowledge. In addition, Yotaro lived in Singapore for more than two years and has engaged in numerous M&A deals in Southeast Asia. Having been in charge of M&A transactions in the Corporate Strategy Department of a major listed company, Yotaro has expertise in supporting deals based on the in-house processes and corporate culture of Japanese companies. In the field of startups and new business development, Yotaro has worked on numerous projects for the formation of joint ventures between large listed companies and domestic and overseas startups, the formation or development of new businesses, business alliances, and startup investment. With respect to startup investment, Yotaro possesses extensive knowledge and experience in investments around the world, including in Japan, the U.S., and Southeast Asian countries, as well as in South America and India, and provides advice based on the strategic objectives of Japanese companies and CVCs. Yotaro also has a wealth of experience in supporting start-up companies and has strengths in M&A transactions, financing, intellectual property strategy, and support for overseas business expansion, taking into consideration the characteristics of startups. In addition, Yotaro has a wide range of support experience, including in litigation and disputes between companies, scandals, and labor issues.

濵田 啓太郎

Keitaro deals with various cross-border M&A transactions, both inbound and outbound, backed by his experience working in U.S. and Australian law firms. He has an extensive track record of success in handling private equity deals, not only on acquisitions but also on exits. Further, his practice includes M&A generally, such as business integrations, carve-outs, and JV formation. Clients value his outstanding analysis, communication, and presentation skills beyond just language (both Japanese and English), which he leverages for successful discussions and negotiations with clients, advisors, and counterparties.