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Our Latin America Practice Team, which includes lawyers with experience working for Brazilian firms, supports Japanese companies carrying out business activities in Brazil by utilizing strong connections with domestic and overseas experts.

Brazil has a long-standing and deep relationship with Japan, having established diplomatic relations over more than 120 years ago and a very large community consisting of more than 1.5 million Japanese descendants. Brazil has also long been highly regarded by Japanese companies as a rich source of natural resources such as energy and food, as well as being a huge market with a large population and hub for North American businesses. Although challenges remain, including political stability and public security issues, and its recent economic performance has been below expectations, increases in economic growth and market liberalization are expected in the medium- to long-term, and it is anticipated that the region will draw more interest from Japanese companies, causing more of them to enter Latin American markets, or expand their business there.

We, with a focus on our Latin America Practice Team, have continued to provide support to Japanese companies carrying out business activities in Brazil by taking advantage of our office in New York, which is close to Brazil with respect to both time-zone and location. We have strong relationships with major leading firms in Brazil, some of which are supported by personnel exchanges and secondments. We also participate in world-wide networks of law firms such as Lex Mundi, in which we are particularly active, and have built close relationships with member firms in Brazil. In addition, we are intent on gathering information on Brazilian legal practice and regularly providing our Japanese clients with updates thereon, taking advantage of our intelligence collection know-how and abovementioned relationships. Our lawyers who have experience working for Brazilian firms, and other Latin America Practice Team members with strong connections with domestic and overseas professionals, are well-placed to support Japanese companies acting in Latin America.

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